About us – Kanttari PRIME

Our story

Kanttari is a brand that converts every material that is brought to her workspace into an exquisite furniture. Since 2015, we started exploring our world one furniture piece at a time, making every home into an art gallery.

Our creative designer and founder, Renats Kotlevs, who has received several awards for his vision and exquisite designs even using condemned materials such as recycled copper, decided in 2017 to make this company into a much bigger brand that is set to inspire every home, office, and space; and that’s how we became KANTTARI.


Our creative team make use of fine materials such as natural wood, and marble, accentuating them with soft metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze; and crafting them into one breathtaking furniture that will make a statement in your space.




Depending on your style, you can select from either one of our furniture options.

Kanttari Prime Furniture

Our Prime Furniture is inspired by mid-century modern style. These furniture come in great contemporary designs and they are affordable for every home and office.

Kanttari Luxury Furniture

This is where luxury meet creativity and where our soul belongs. Here our clients get to be creative, we take their bespoke ideas and craft them into such sophisticated yet artistic furniture pieces using fine materials.


Kanttari furniture pieces are unique. You can either go for the bold designs that will make statement in your space, or you go for the classy pieces that will bring their simplicity yet stylish designs to embroider your space.

As we work with every client individually, we can offer bespoke sizes, using our clients’ preferred materials to create special design for each taste.

Kanttari’s furniture:

  • Encompasses the uniqueness that can only be found in nature
  • Is functional and useful
  • Is treasured by its owner and will last a lifetime

Everything we produce is handmade with care in our workshop in Riga, Latvia.



Craftsmanship at Kanttari is a deeply embedded cultural point of pride. Craftsmanship traditions, heritage techniques, hard-earned skills are among most important quality secrets of luxury furniture.

Here, at Kanttari, we hand select quality materials and focus on the details when crafting each piece by hand.


How We Do It

Our Values

Sustaining our earth

We have made a commitment to the earth’s resources by developing unique, yet functional pieces from natural resources. We recycle copper into tabletops, harvest tree roots and transform them into tables and chairs.

Experiment and push boundaries

We are constantly evolving and experimenting with different materials and structures to create bold designs. Some of our work are art pieces honored with awards.


Operated by Nord Mood Ltd and supported by ERDF project “Regional business incubators and Creative industries incubator” No. of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.