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Care & maintenance

KANTTARI furniture is crafted to last for generations to come. Below are some instructions and tips for caring for your piece of furniture.


Epoxy resin - coating can be applied to almost any surface, giving it a high gloss and protective layer. The resin coating is carefully applied to create a barrier between counters, bars or table top material, especially wooden objects. For restaurants and bars, all surfaces must be sanitized to meet health department standards. Porous surfaces like wood can absorb bacteria, making them impossible to sanitize. Epoxy coatings give a hard surface over wood that is easily sanitized.

Veneer - Veneer is made from selected thin slices of wood that are precisely cut from tree trunks. Veneer furniture is typically more lightweight and economical than solid wood furniture. The attractive wood surface is preserved, featuring beautiful knots, shades and grains arising from many years of life in nature and making every piece of furniture unique. Wood is a living material and reacts to daily use. For example, prolonged exposure to light will affect the surface and cause the shades to change. “Light spots” can be avoided by positioning the furniture in different parts of your home over time.

Daily cleaning is done with a damp cloth and more thorough cleaning is done with soapy water, after which the surface is wiped dry with a clean cloth to avoid streaks. Our veneer furniture is available with many different types of surface treatments, and we refer you to the care instructions for each individual product. Take care to never place tea lights, pots or other hot objects directly on the surface, as this may leave permanent marks.

Solid Wood - Our solid wood products are made from multiple boards that are skilfully sorted before assembly. A massive surface provides an elegant and exclusive look. No two boards will ever be the same, as differences are always apparent in grain structure, knots and shades – this natural beauty makes solid wood products unique. Take care to never place tea lights, pots or other hot objects directly on the surface, as this may leave permanent marks.

Marble - Marble is enjoying a new renaissance in furniture and accessories. It is a beautiful and elegant natural product. The structure of marble varies from product to product, ensuring the uniqueness of every piece of furniture. 
To protect the marble surface we advise you to always use Marble Polish. Even though the product is primed when it is at the suppliers, it should still be done before and after use to avoid causing irreparable damage to the surface.
Marble cannot withstand acid or acidic detergents, such as vinegar and lemon juice. Acidic fluids spilled on the surface must be wiped off immediately. Marble can withstand hot objects for short periods of time, but we recommend that you never place tea lights, pots or other hot objects directly on the surface.

Metal - Polished and Satin finish applied to brass or copper must be routinely maintained to retain the desired appearance. The darkening or black spotting on the brass or copper surface is simply oxidation taking place. If left untreated brass and copper will eventually turn entirely, but unevenly, dark. This dark oxidized state is the natural color of all copper alloys. Frequency of the treatment of brass and copper finishes depends on use and abuse, location, weather conditions, or exposure to marine air.
For regular maintenance of brass and copper use appropriate polish liquid or cream for stainless steal metal care.