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Bespoke furniture design

We can produce bespoke furniture to your exact specification. You tell us what you want and we can design and hand-craft it for you – furniture and more in a wide range of materials such as solid wood, metal, marble, glass and many more. 

Call us now: (+371) 26371551 or send us an e-mail:  info@kanttari.com and let us help you to create a unique design project.


What we do

We design, hand-craft and deliver tailor made furniture for an outstanding interior projects. We work with architects, designers and consultants and directly for contractors and end-users.

We supply private homes, villas, offices, restaurants and hotels.

We work in partnership with our customers, collaborating with them to understand their precise needs. Every project is with an individual approach.

We deliver a unique combination of original materials and a custom made design for each project.  

We understand the building process, have the flexibility and personal approach of a smaller business and the resource of a bigger one. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction, attention to details and performance and we have specialists in each production area.


Industrial and production resources

High production capacity (volume & quality).

Flexible production capacity for different project sizes (no minimum order, management from single room to very large projects).


Integrated service of Packaging / Logistics / Transportation / Delivery  

Internal logistic management with local logistic providers
- Traceability of orders
- Logistic flexibility


Rigorous quality control & commitment

Quality control performed at each level of production from the supply of materials to the exit of factory