Inspired by the innate shapes of nature

Our story

Although we have been building and designing furniture for customers since 2015, the brand Kanttari was born in 2017 with a goal to create beautiful furniture that:

  • Encompasses the uniqueness that can only be found in nature
  • Is functional and useful
  • Is treasured by its owner and will last a lifetime

Everything we produce is handmade with care in our workshop in Riga, Latvia.

How We Do It

Our Values

Sustaining our earth

We have made a commitment to the earth's resources by developing unique, yet functional pieces from recycled natural resources. We recycle copper into tabletops, harvest tree roots and transform them into tables and chairs.

Experiment and push boundaries

We are constantly evolving and experimenting with different materials and structures to create bold designs. Some of our work are art pieces honored with awards.

- Renats Kotlevs, Designer and Founder

Renats Kotlevs

Operated by Nord Mood Ltd and supported by ERDF project "Regional business incubators and Creative industries incubator” No. of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.