Kanttari, a Designer, Revamps a Small Apartment into a Magnificent Loft in Riga Center – Kanttari LUX

Kanttari creates interior design for a Magnificent Loft in Riga Center


One of the skills of designers is the intuitive knowledge to craft something beautiful that can cater to the unique taste of each client. Quite challenging I must admit, but if you are a gifted designer like Kanttari then, you can bring life into any apartment.

Here is a story of how Kanttari revamped a small apartment into a magnificent loft. The trick is decorating the interior to give it an ambiance of a bigger house. And that is exactly what Kanttari did with this apartment.

Hop in as we take a ride through the magnificent loft.


The project measuring 47sqm was re-structured for a female client. There were lots of stuff to fit into the house. I have always believed that every home is a safe haven to the owner and it should be designed as such.

With that playing at the back of my mind, I like to picture my clients in the home. What would they need? Do they have kids? How many rooms will be enough? This makes it easier to design a space to the taste of the client.

So, I applied the same technique in the project. What this client needs is a big bathroom, a spacious kitchen, a separate bedroom with a big closet, a dining and of course a place to relax.

Man, how do we fit all these specs into a small house? Yes, at first it felt impossible. The building is just too small, anyone would think but there is no limit to a designer’s imaginative power.

So, we decided to see just how far we can go with the project. We created a studio type project in a modern industrial style.

The Color

Choosing the right color is a crucial aspect of every home décor. As a perfectionist, I pay attention to every detail to ensure the project goes on smoothly and the outcome is just perfect for the client. Having matched different color options, we settled for black and white with natural wood brown.

The Living Room

The living room was designed with a mid-century style inspired Tv stand Terra with copper accents on the drawer fronts. The space was complemented with a matching floor tripod lamp Sombre with shade which has copper in it. For comfort, we chose a cozy minimalist gray sofa and a unique lounge chair with the back designed with copper.

For ease of movement, we had to find a way to connect the living room to other parts of the apartment. To do so, we made a red brick wall which connects the living room to the dining and the kitchen area.

The Dining

We designed the dining area with a solid wooden table complemented with matching solid benches. To achieve a lighting balance, we chose black and copper lighting and complemented it with a high gloss white kitchen.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is both a place of comfort and a place of activities. So, we created the kitchen in a distinctive way. The high gloss white is to complement other dark colors of the apartment and the blinds were deep grey so that they complement the grey-themed entry. We designed the kitchen with a unique countertop made of cement.

The Closet

My team and I were able to craft a spacious closet with doors covered with epoxy resin with a strain of copper pigment to complement the copper ambiance of the apartment.

The Bathroom

We retained originality with the bathroom. The walls were painted grey and the ceiling can be viewed as a trident-like house from the inside. The space was furnished with a unique wooden sink coated with epoxy resin to protect it from moisture. We also set up a bath and lots of shelves as the client requested. The bathroom flooring was also covered with epoxy resin and painted with a grey pigment to match the theme color of the apartment.

The Bedroom

You will find that the bedroom isn’t as big as we would like it to be but that was necessary to carve out enough space for the living room. Due to the size of the room, we had to build a wooden platform with stairs as the bed instead of the standard bed. This is to ensure that there are some spaces left for other belongings. The bed was designed with a large drawer which has a large compartment for bed lining.


To enliven the apartment, we had to try out different color combos and patterns. It was a challenging task, I must confess but I’m glad it went smoothly as planned and the outcome was just perfect for the client.